4 Common Website Design Trends

If I don’t see you on the e-screen, you don’t exist! Nowadays, everything goes through social media, every promotion of business, brand, products are attractive only if you see them online. This is something I learned setting up my scented candles store a few years ago, and it’s something that I still believe strongly today.

Having a website is crucial for promotion, and catchy web designs can be very useful.

Although the trends are changing very fest, here are 4 common website designs that are used lately.

1. “Mobile-friendly”

Paul Jones runs the website for these turf suppliers and also for this medical spa milwaukee business and says “Mobile phones are considered to be the most used devices today, good replacement for laptops and computers. Therefore, the mobile-friendly design is very common, the content is easy to read through the small screen and the brands can be visible everywhere, all the time.”

The predictions are that this mobile-friendly design is going to be the very famous it the very near future.

2. Typography – simple but catchy

Graeme W. runs a seo manchester and web design company and manages the site for these vacuum excavators and this oil sampling company and notes “Considering that words are the big part of the website content, the typography design becomes very important. Bold letters, unique design, simple colors and clear to read are the most used and the best way to make your content appealing for the users. The most important for the content is to be very well organized and with matching typography design through the whole writing.”

3. Illustration

Jim Baker runs the websites for this hairdressers warrington business and this storage nottingham company and notes “Illustration is very attractive for the users, therefore is becoming part of the most website designs. If you are able to create unique illustrations, diverse your page and add more fun, then you will be visible and interesting to visit. You will be different and better from the others. This is the best way for making your website personal and recognizable.”

4. “Photography as the new typography”

Tea Smith runs the website for this waterfall taps retailer and this ham gift store and notes “With photos you can improvise a lot, you can send different message for every user, interact with them on a more creative way, without using too much words. Expressing through photography has become the winning trend for visibility and modern design. Photos, followed by short text, are the way to show that you are not boring, you are trendy and imaginative.”

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